20 August 2010

chopsticks vs. the cilantro

"we need some cilantro.  you get that, i'll get us some basil." 

and so the adventure began.  i walked away to get the basil; chopsticks got the cilantro.  skip ahead to dinner prep.  chop a handful of both basil and cilantro... wait... this isn't right.

um, chopsticks, what were you supposed to pick out?  "cilantro!"  well, this is parsley.  "oh, no fair!  they were right next to each other!" 

good reason to keep dried cilantro in the spice rack i guess.  regardless, dinner turned out good.

menu (19aug10):

soba noodles with shiitake mushrooms, pesto & lemon marinated chicken topped with a citrus tomato salad

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